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To Gain Their Commitment, Give Them Your Time

likefollow The words stung me as they were said.  I looked back over my shoulder and the muscles of my face worked overtime as I winced sarcastically. I figured acting defensive would buy me enough time to mask my pain and collect my thoughts. I had been running around the whole morning organizing sessions and […]

When Knowledge Becomes Bondage: How to Help Athletes Achieve the Impossible

likefollow In the past, I was convinced that the more knowledge I gained the more effective I would be as a coach, and the more success my athletes would experience as a result. I researched paper after paper, read every book I could find, and attended as many courses as I could. With some young […]

Five Key Character Traits of Effective Leaders In Sport

likefollow Coaching surely must be one of the most fickle professions there is. The rate of failure is enormous, and very few coaches succeed at the elite level. Timing and public opinion is everything, and the end of season circus sees many moving on, uprooting their families and scrambling to fill the one or two […]

Film Review: Whiplash – Define Your Coaching Philosophy

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Book Review: Why Leaders Eat Last – How to Build a Cohesive Team

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Film Review: Jiro Dreams of Sushi – How To Master Your Craft

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Why Talent Fails, Part 2: The Three Blocks To Brilliance

likefollow In part one of this post, we looked at how and why some athletes fulfill their potential and others don’t. Through this process we identified the main mechanism that limits success. Secondary gain. In this post we will explore the three unconscious emotions (fear, guilt and shame) that drive secondary gain and cause doubt […]

Why Talent Fails, Part 1: The Line Between Mediocrity & Mastery

likefollow  As a coach, there is nothing more heart breaking than the prodigiously talented athlete who fails to realise their potential. Sadly, this is quite common in elite sport. Most possess ability, but few become champions. Many are traded, cut or quit before their time, not because they age, but because they fail to live […]

On Influencing those you manage: Why Knowledge is Not Enough

likefollow One day early on in my career as a coach I remember picking up from the ground a program I had written for an athlete, a program I had spent a lot of time and effort on. Hours of research and practice it seemed counted for little if the program was neglected. This was […]

On Creating a Culture of Excellence Part 2: Four Pillars for Performance & Engagement

likefollow There are four key principles, which are essential in the motivation and engagement of people. These four principles if embedded into any program and culture will improve productivity, performance, resilience and retention. People thrive when we allow and encourage: AUTONOMY:The freedom and flexibility to carve their own path… MASTERY: Within a transparent environment that […]