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Professional Tension In the Performance Program – And What to Do About it

likefollow Management of training and training loads is a relatively new concept in sport, and has given rise to new kinds of experts. Most notably sports scientists, physical performance coaches, and sports physiotherapists. Despite the obvious benefits these skill sets can bring to a program, the interplay between experts can at times cause confusion and […]

Let your athletes drive the bus…..on the roads you built.

likefollow When I look back on it, I took the easy way out most of the time as a young coach. No one taught me how to influence others, so like many other coaches I simply adopted the same strategies my parents, teachers and coaches used. As my career as a coach progressed, I noticed that […]

When Competition Kills Ambition

likefollow A friend of mine was a very gifted distance runner when he was younger. His body was built to run far and fast, and he loved doing it. His teachers, coaches, and parents could see that he had real potential, but his running seemed to lack urgency and consistency. Finally one day his father […]

Play Your Role

likefollow A couple months ago as I was walking down the street, I caught the eye of the young guard standing in the front window of a jewellery shop. He frowned at me and looked down his nose as if to imply I had no right to be looking in his direction. My response was […]

The Players Program: A Blueprint for Building Championship Teams

likefollow In an age of multi million-dollar contracts, cut throat competition and unprecedented media exposure, athletes have more bargaining power than ever, and loyalty seems like a thing of the past. The most successful programs accumulate more talent than their competitors, but it’s not all about good recruiting, shrewd trading and huge salaries. Winning programs […]

The One Skill That Separates Sport’s Most Successful Leaders

likefollow As the sports industry has grown, the division of labour has created an abundance of experts. In the past, the head coach did almost everything, however today’s leader manages two teams; the team on the field, and the team off the field. Greater resources and expertise means improved processes and better judgement. However, more […]

Coaches Critique: Mindset (Carol Dweck)

likefollow In these episodes I review Mindset by Carol Dweck. The first is my first dirty attempt, the second was recorded after some great feedback from coaches in the FE global coaching community. I wanted to post both here to show the comparsion and hopefully get even more feedback, which is actually what the book […]

Transforming the team of champions into the champion team: Ideology

likefollow We’ve all watched those teams who frequently fail to deliver despite being stacked with talent, flush with resources support and opportunity. ‘The champion team always beats the team of champions’, is a cliché’ proven time and time again in sport, particularly during the playoffs. Commentators often talk about chemistry, cohesion and camaraderie as if […]

Why High Performance Cultures Lead to Low Success

likefollow ‘High performance’ seems to be a trendy term at the moment. Many leaders in the sports and business worlds believe that creating a culture that demands and rewards performance over all else is key to success. Though support for this philosophy appears to be widespread, very few organisations that believe in a ‘high performance’ […]

How to have the Hard Conversations

likefollow Difficult conversations are part and parcel of coaching. ‘You missed selection’. ‘You’re being benched’. ‘We’re letting you go’. None of these topics are particularly appealing, but there is no way around them. No one enjoys being the bearer of bad news, it can feel like we have to choose between being honest, and being […]