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Hi, I am Terry Condon.

I believe that sport can change the world.

When people witness athletic excellence, they begin to question what might possible for their own lives if they were to cultivate the same degree of discipline, courage and persistence they admire in their heroes.

People who live their lives true to themselves forge their own identity and in turn inspire others through their own example, perpetuating a cycle of contribution and commitment to excellence.

My journey in elite sport…

Started when I was 19, with failure.

I missed selection for a team I badly wanted to be in.

This hurt. So I worked obsessively to overcome my perceived shortcomings, this led me to a career in elite sport as a performance coach.

My first day on the job was the day I realised I knew nothing about performance. Performance is more than an intervention, it is an attitude, an outlook, an approach.

Since that day and for the last decade I have dedicated my life to understanding what separates the good from the great. The teams, athletes and coaches I have worked with have been some of my greatest teachers in this respect.

This is not another motivation blog written by an armchair expert looking to pump you up and sell you ‘the good life’, and it is not another strength & conditioning blog discussing sets, reps and periodisation schemes.

This blog is about..

the timeless principles that underpin coaching and performance. If there is one thing I have learned it is that these principles cannot be ignored.

The promise of this site is to share content that speaks to the unique challenges people in sport face every day, while offering new ways of thinking about old problems seen time and time again.

The purpose of this platform is to empower coaches and athletes to ‘reclaim the game’ by striving for both excellence AND esteem.

This blog is for..

ambitious, curious sports professionals who think a little deeper than most. People who aren’t searching for the next quick fix, but work harder to understand what really matters, and what really works.

I decided to create this site after I wrote a post on linkedin called creating a culture of excellence and was contacted by a number of industry leaders to discuss the ideas within it.

The interactions I had with passionate professionals all over the world convinced me to create a platform where coaches can come and connect for the purpose of learning and development.

I write to think. It helps me clarify and connect ideas to my own experiences. My thoughts are usually not typical, because I haven’t taken the typical routes to develop them. I have valued deep observation, self education and immersive experiences over all else.

I aim only to write about topics I consider myself knowledgeable and experienced in, so if I don’t believe I have anything of value to share, you won’t be hearing from me. Life is about learning and learning is a process so if i am not writing I am learning.

What differentiates Terry is his ability to see the bigger picture in athlete development. He isn’t specifically a ‘functional training guru’ or ‘Olympic lifting specialist’. Rather, he works to understand and apply the core principles of coaching, teaching and leading others. This is what I learned from my time with Terry, and I believe these lessons really assisted in my development as a coach.
Alex Hampton
Alex Hampton
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (Jacksonville Jaguars)
In sport, we demand athletes continuously strive for excellence, take care in their work and be professional. As a coach Terry is no different. However, he models these characteristics more effectively than most. He is incredibly passionate about the role of the coach, and working effectively with others. Because of this Terry is quick to develop relationships and earn trust among athletes and colleagues. I have deep respect not only for the results he creates, but also the way in which he creates them.
Geraint John
Geraint John
Elite Coach Development Manager (Wales Rugby Union)