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On Creating a Culture of Excellence Part 2: Four Pillars for Performance & Engagement

likefollow There are four key principles, which are essential in the motivation and engagement of people. These four principles if embedded into any program and culture will improve productivity, performance, resilience and retention. People thrive when we allow and encourage: AUTONOMY:The freedom and flexibility to carve their own path… MASTERY: Within a transparent environment that […]

On Science & Data In Sport Part 1: The implications of data science for elite sport.

likefollow “Where there is a wealth of information, there is a poverty of attention” – Herbert Simon. In 2003, award winning non-fiction writer Michael Lewis published ‘Moneyball’. In his book, Lewis tells the tale of Billy Beane, the cash strapped manager of the Oakland A’s who orchestrated the longest winning streak in pro baseball history, […]